Remeha Tzerra Ace HR Combi CW3 24C (A-label) + Remeha iSense klokthermostaat


Remeha Tzerra Ace HR Combi CW3 24C (A-label) + Remeha iSense klokthermostaat

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Performance Remeha Tzerra Ace central heating boiler

The Tzerra Ace is available in three classes: CW3, CW4 and CW5. The very fast hot water delivery or up to 18.3 liters per minute is striking. The compact device measures only 554x368x274 mm (HxWxD) and is light in weight (17.5 – 21 kg). It easily fits in a small corner in the attic or in a kitchen cupboard. The modulating pump with energy class A guarantee of energy-efficient operation. With the smart eTwist WiFi thermostat, optimum comfort and ease of use are guaranteed.

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Automatic boiler refilling

Remeha offers the Tzerra Ace a unique option for the Netherlands; an intelligent (refilling) device whereby the manual refilling of the device is a thing of the past. No more messing around with a filling hose, but utter ease. The eSmart Inside ensures that the boiler is topped up fully automatically as soon as the water pressure in the central heating system becomes too low. Simple and fast but never too much or too often. There is also a semi-automatic setting so that you must first approve via the boiler, the eTwist thermostat or app before the system replenishes itself. A nice idea if you yourself want to keep an eye on things.

Hybrid ready so sustainable heating

Remeha has ensured that the Tzerra Ace is prepared for a smart connection with sustainable technologies such as a heat pump and solar water heater. The solar water heater control is integrated as standard and the device can be connected with a heat pump to a hybrid system. The sustainable total system extracts natural energy from the soil or from the air, which means that you save considerably on your energy costs. Moreover, CO₂ emissions are considerably reduced. You can choose when purchasing, but the installation can also be expanded at a later time.

  • Quick access to tap water with a constant temperature
  • Lightweight boiler with heavyweight performance
  • Very low noise
  • Maintenance and service friendly due to construction from modules
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

Remeha iSense Room thermostat

Remeha iSense modulating room thermostat with weather-dependent control. The large screen with a blue backlight provides a clear and well-arranged picture of the current situation. The large display also offers peace and overview when setting up the iSense. The graphic part of the display makes it possible to display clear texts, which results in a quick familiarization with the device and an easy operating method. The setting, reading and changing of clock programs has also become particularly well-arranged. With the iSense you can view the complete clock program of a day in one go.

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